Please notice - UNISAB III was made for iOS 7 prior to some of the newer transition animations.
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UNISAB III was my first B2B was designed in collaboration with Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI) in Denmark.

The app receives data from an industrial unit developed by JCI. Data is then interpreted and displayed in the application showing status, process values and possible alert messages.

The application has been used internally as a proof of concept for the management to decide whether to continue with the development and expansion of the application.

The application was developed working closely together with JCI and an external designer.

The designer had exciting ideas about the "look and feel" of the application and additional suggestions to the navigation.

These ideas challenged me to develop non-standard animations and transitions along with non-standard interface elements such as customized UISegmentedControl, UISliders, UIButtons and UILabels.

The project was fun and quite challenging. But challenges like these motivates me and make me determined to solve them.

Here is a list of some of the customised GUI elements and transitions:

  • Custom segmented controllers (e.g. the RPM, A. % section) with custom colours and indicators/arrows
  • Custom sliders with snap function (the grey/red bar at the bottom)
  • Custom animated transition when tapping a process value (e.g. the suction/discharge temperature sections)
  • Custom transition with static topbar when tapping the compressor and alert badge (!) (slide up/down)

Watch the video presentation - an “image” says more than a thousand words ;o)

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