Do you enjoy running?
Stuck in the metric system like me?

Well…this started the development of Run-O-Meter. Run-O-Meter was initially just a very simple simple app, that I found useful myself to convert pace to speed (velocity).

However, this initial idea has made me think of other features. I’m not planning to compete with the major players out there - oh no!

So I thought, why not try to offer something, that “the others” might not have?

Well…I’ve started to add extra features such as a route planner where you can tap the map and have Run-O-Meter measure the distance!
I’m also planning a few different tools for interval training methods…and the first has already arrived! And this first method: 10-20-30 even boosts your health and performance!

Read more about these features below and see screenshots! (tap the headlines!)

You probably have a brilliant idea - right? So, why not grab the chance to send me your suggestions (and feedback) using the contact formula on the left side! I’d love to hear from you :o)

Minimum requirements: iOS 8.4
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Convert pace to speed…simply!

As mentioned I often find myself getting my average in min/km. So far I’ve been used to compare my averages in km/ I made up this very simple feature! It’s the very first feature in Run-O-Meter:

  • Drag the speed label up or down to set the pace you just tracked (average or other?)
  • Release the speed label - and you'll get the speed in km/h
  • You can also switch the settings to display mi/h instead

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Tap the map and know your distance!

You can use the route planner in Run-O-Meter to measure a route before you head out on the road, or you could as easily do it afterwards.

  • You tap the map and the Route Planner calculates the distance
  • You can with map type from standard to satellite
  • You can turn “snap to road” on or off, so that you can map those trails, which are not in the map database
  • You can save your favourite routes (in-app purchase) and review by loading these

The route planner uses the map-data provided by Apple. Please notice that, if you measure the route with a GPS enabled device, the distance may deviate from the calculated route due to differences in GPS accuracies and the accuracy in the map-data. Road-data may also differ from the real world such as dead end roads not correctly registered, etc.

Use Run-O-Meter to get those unknown distances revealed!
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A scientifically proven training method for interval training!

The 10-20-30 training concept consists of a standardised 1.2 km warm-up at a low intensity followed by 3–4 × 5 min. running interspersed by 2 min. of rest. Each 5 min. running period (lap) consists of five consecutive 1 min intervals divided into 30, 20, and 10 sec. at an intensity corresponding to <30% (jog), <60% (run), and 90–100% (sprint) of maximal intensity respectively.

  • Increase performance while reducing training volume with ~50%!
  • Research indicates a reduced systolic blood pressure and reduced blood cholesterol!
  • Warm up ~1.2km. Jog 30 sec, run 20 sec, sprint 10 sec, rest, and repeat up to 5 times in each lap…it’s THAT SIMPLE!
  • Build up your performance by customising your own version of the 10-20-30 method.

Run-O-Meter gives you the ability to customise your own 10-20-30 method you can choose to start with a smaller number of intervals and or laps.

Don’t forget to warm up!

You can read the scientific study here.
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