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Do you have an idea for product involving mobile devices and external electronic hardware?

I've found quite an interest in working with electronics in connection with mobile devices - one or the other way.

It could be remote monitoring, remote control or an automated system making use of the build in sensors of a mobile device as a data provider - or simply using the mobile device a processing platform.

Together with you I can design a prototype, that you could possibly use for future investors.
Preferred microprocessor platforms are the popular mbed and Arduino platforms.

Through external an manufacturer I am capable of making small PCB for your prototype.
I will however leave product testing, approval and certification in your hands.
So far I've been working with a client on creating a proof of concept involving electronics, an Android phone platform and image processing. During the project a small hardware platform had to be developed. The current platform makes use of the mbed platform (see more at Furthermore the platform consists of a wireless module for data communication and a servo for some positioning.

The hardware is currently out in the "real world" for field and user testing.

When the project is finished I hope to, by permission of my client, to be able to post a few images on my site her.
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Besides the project mentioned above I'm also currently working on a project or two of my own.
The platform is still (so far) the mbed platform in connection with different environmental sensors through a ZigBee sensor network.

The hardware connects to a database making data accessible for a website and mobile application.

As the project still is in its early stages it's minimal, what I can tell about it yet.
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In connection with my daily work at AU Herning, I've setup a sensor unit measuring environmental data (although different from the project mentioned above ;o).

The sensor unit measures data every hour and posts these to the university server - making the data available for our professors.
Although the project still is in its prototyping phase, data can be previewed here: AU Herning Air Quality System
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