Welcome these are my apps!

I'm currently working on my Run-O-Meter project along with another running app - which I hope to be able to reveal more about in a no so far away future.

For a longer period I had an application presenting the menu at the local university (where I have my full time job). But, with a recent takeover of operations of the canteen the app has become obsolete…as they have their own system - thus I have chosen to remove the application from my app store and this website.

A couple of my applications listed below REALLY need a make over…but time is a limited resource. The need for a makeover concerns both functionality, content and not least the design. So, why bother listing them with a risk of a bad impression? Well - It will keep me committed to do something about it! And, it gives you an impression of what I've made so far and still committed to do. Finally I would love to get some feedback and inputs from you.

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Boost your health and performance!

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Demo app for my band REPLICA

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Sightseeing and exercising brought to you in one app!

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Basic electronics - theory and calculators.
...needs a make-over!

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My first B2B app...loaded with customized graphics and transitions

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Circle of Ohm's Law - Ohm's Law Calculator.

uApps.dk is a single person company with a passion for developing applications for mobile devices.

I love making applications and prototypes and have spent a lot of my time on developing primarily iOS apps.
As a single person company with a full time job during daytime, my resources at uApps.dk are sometimes limited - despite of this I find it difficult NOT to work on my projects!

Daytime activities consists of a job as an assistant professor at Aarhus University in Herning (AU BTECH). My teaching activities covers basic electronics, mobile programming and IT in general along with 3D modelling in SolidWorks. Besides teaching I have activities in assisting professors in their research, supervising and aiding students in their projects which sometimes includes developing hardware and software prototypes.

Along with my own applications I also engage in B2B projects.

One of the major projects I did was a prototype for internal release at Johnson Controls in Denmark.
It involved a quite challenging task to implement the ideas a graphical and GUI designer had set his minds on. Yet challenging I found it very fun and exciting to fulfil these wishes of the company in close connection with the project leader and a designer.

I’ve also made a few physical prototypes with electronics and also a few websites - you can find it all in the top menu.

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